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    Part I: description and performance for present day conditions.
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    Publisher's erratum: pdf

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  • A. Griesel (2005):
    Modelling large scale ocean circulation: The role of mixing location
    and meridional pressure gradients for the Atlantic overturning dynamics.
    PhD Thesis, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research-Potsdam University, April 2005. link to pdf

  • A. Griesel (1999):
    Ein Lösungsalgorithmus für chemische Umsetzungen der Gas- und Flüssigphase im EURAD CTM2. (A numerical solver for gas- and aqueous-phase reactions in the EURAD CTM2 chemistry transport model). Diplom Thesis, University of Cologne, EURAD project, Institute for Geophysics and Meteorology, September 1999.

  • Kessler, Ch., A. Griesel , J. Verwer (1998):
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    In: EUROTRAC Symposium 98, WITPress,Southampton, Vol. 2, 554-559.