Brought to you by GSA and Scripps Grad Dept.


Here’s what you need to bring:


Trip Leaders


Bring with you:

2 liters of water, plus a jug for the car

A small garbage bag

First aide kit:

       band-aides, Tylenol, duct tape,  


maps (see below)

Hat, sunscreen, camera, good shoes

A lunch for yourself

Swimming suit & towel

First Year Students


Bring with you:

At least 1 liter of water

A lunch (sandwich & piece of fruit)

Hat, sunscreen, camera, good shoes

Swimming suit & towel

       (there’s a waterfall)



The Itinerary: 

            9am: Meet at Surfside parking lot

            11am: begin hiking.

            ~ 3pm: finish hiking – go to barbeque at Green Valley campground

            ~5pm: head home.


Groups:  Here’s a preliminary grouping for this weekend – upper-class students in bold.  Let me know if there’s any problem.

Gypsum:  Marissa, Guillaume, Sebastien, Anais, Dian, Jon, Phil, Carla

Calcite: Liz, Ryan, Kaus, Lauren, Jo, Dave, Robert, Tali

Quartz: Jessica, Dan B, Deborah, Tristan, Jill L, Jim

Topaz: Vas, Todd, Megan, Lisa, Achintya, Lynn, Jay

Opal: Dan C, Ashley, Tim C, Jeff L, Danny R


I expect the roster will still change between now and Sunday.  Show up at Surfside at 9am, and we’ll make sure everyone gets a ride out there. Some first may have to drive, too.


Driving Directions

Go east on Hwy 8.  Turn left on Highway 79.  Go 6.5 miles until Green Valley Campground. Be careful: there’s a left turn to stay on Highway 79. Turn left into Green Valley Campground.  Our picnic spot is at the southernmost tip, near the hiking path to the falls.


We’ll hand out hiking trail maps on Sunday morning. 


Any questions? Email me