Mexican-American eXchange

Physical Oceanography Student Summer Seminar Series


This summer the Physical Oceanography students at CICESE Oceanography Institute and Scripps Instution of Oceanography are getting to know each other through an international  seminar series exchange. It’s a casual student seminar, with the intent to learn about one another’s research, and meet new people.  Please come to a seminar near you!





June 17

To Scripps

Diego Perellő   "Non linear interaction between sea and opposed swell"

David Rivas "The ventilation of the deep Gulf of Mexico"

June 24


Jessica Kleiss  "Breaking waves in the Gulf of Tehuantepec"

Shane Elipot "Wind energy input into Ekman motions in the Southern Ocean"

July 1

To Scripps

Silvia Chacon "A hybrid analytical-numerical method for transoceanic tsunami propagation"

Julien Jouanno "Origin and characteristics of the oceanic variability of the Caribbean Sea"

July 8


Jamie Holte Mixed Layer Depth and Antarctic Intermediate Water Formation as seen by ARGO.”

Yueng Djern-Lenn Estimating the Mean Antarctic Circumpolar Current in Drake Passage using Satellite Altimetry and Direct Velocity Observations”

July 15

To Scripps

Miguel Tenreiro Turbulent flows: the role of a new step topography.”

Roel Wierts "The creation and decay of electrically driven vortices in a rotating system".




August 5


Elizabeth Douglass "Interannual Variability in Northeast Pacific Circulation"

Marissa Yates "Seasonal Changes in Sand Level and Wave Energy on Southern California Beaches"

Sarah Zedler "(Some) Dynamics of Wind-Forced Mesoscale Eddies"

August 12

To Scripps

Cesar Coronado "The hydrodynamics of the Puerto Morelos fringing reef lagoon"

Luis Siero "The decay of rotating fluids over a variable topography"

August 19


Dan Birch "Bounds on Planktonic Biomass"

Aurelien Ponte "Bahia Concepcion project, an overview"

Leonel Romero "Olas Generadas en el Golfo de Tehuantepec"

August 26

To Scripps

Efrain Mateos "Role of tides and mixing in the formation of an anticyclonic gyre in San

Pedro Martir basin, Gulf of California"

Paulina Cetina "Circulation along the Caribbean Coast"

Ruth Cerezo "Numerical simulation of heavy precipitation in northern Baja California and southern California"

Sept 2


Andy Thompson Spatial and temporal patterns of diapycnal mixing in Drake Passage


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