Dr. Janet Sprintall

Research Oceanographer
Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Room 349 Nierenberg Hall
University of California San Diego
La Jolla, CA 92093-0230
Telephone: (858) 822-0589
FAX: (858) 534-9820
Email: jsprintall@ucsd.edu

    My PhD in Physical Oceanography is from the University of Sydney, NSW, Australia under the supervision of Prof. Matthias Tomczak. I am an observational physical oceanographer who is primarily interested in the mean and variability of large-scale circulation of the ocean. As a sea-going oceanographer I have managed to work in some fairly remote and exotic places, such as the Indonesian seas, the Philippine Seas, and in the Southern Ocean. You can find links below to web pages that describe these projects. My tropical work has mainly consisted of mooring deployments in the narrow passages of the Indonesian and Philippine archipelagos. The moorings consist of ADCPs and current meters that measure velocity, and microcat CTDs that measure temperature and salinity. The moorings are typically deployed for 2-3 years. From these data I study the variability of the flow from intraseasonal to annual time scales. My Southern Ocean work is varied: from a long-term high resolution XBT transect across the Antarctic Circumpolar Current in Drake Passage to analysis of remotely-sensed sea surface height and SST measurements and their relationship to annual and climate modes of variability.




  • Marion Alberty, SIO graduate student (2012- ) with Jen MacKinnon.
  • Arachaporn (Waen) Anutaliya, SIO graduate student (2012- ) with Uwe Send and Julie McClean.
  • Manuel Gutierrez-villanueva, SIO graduate student (2016- ) with Teri Chereskin.


  • Shijian Hu, Visiting Postdoctoral Scholar (2015-2016), now at CAS, China.
  • Andrew Delman, PhD graduate student (2009-2016), now at Jet Propulsion Lab.
  • Kyla Drushka, Post-doc (2012-2014), now at APL, U. Washington
  • Riley Gannon, SIO graduate student (2012-2015) , now at USGS.
  • Florent Gasparin, SIO Post-doc (2012-2015) now at LEGOS, France
  • Geoff Gearheart, PhD graduate student (2008-2014).
  • Gordon Stephenson, PhD graduate student (2006-2012), now at Stennis Space Center.
  • Yvonne Firing, PhD graduate student (2006-2012), now at SOC, UK.
  • ChuanLi Jiang, Postdoc (2008-2011), now at Seattle, WA.
  • Alexa Griesel, Postdoc (2005-2009), now at University of Hamburg.
  • Shenfu Dong, Postdoc (2004-2007), now at CIMAS/AOML, Miami.
  • Yueng Djern Lenn, PhD graduate student (2002-2006), now at U. Bangor, Wales.
  • Andrew Thompson, PhD graduate student (2002-2006), now at CalTech, CA.

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