SIO 219: "Observational" Oceanography Seminar

Fall Quarter 2012:

Topic:Presenting Your Work in Progress

Instructor: Sarah Gille
Location: OAR Conference Room.
Time: Fridays, 12:00-1:00

Overview: The observational seminar this quarter will focus on giving an effective presentation of work in progress. Students will prepare a poster, 15-minute conference talk, or a full seminar and will offer constructive comments for their peers. Students are particularly encouraged to present in a way that they have not previously tried (i.e. extend a conference talk to make a seminar, or revamp a poster as a talk.) Though students are strongly urged to formally register for the class, collegial participation by interested post-docs and researchers/faculty is highly welcome.

This SIO 219 seminar is a one-unit course that is offered S/U only.


Sep 28: No meeting. International Meeting of Students in Physical Oceanography

Oct 5: Jessica Millar, Exploring the Southern Ocean State Estimate in the Drake Passage: Assimilation and analysis of an Inverted Echo Sounder array (approximately 30 minutes)

Suggested reading (aimed at thinking about what goes in a talk):

Oct 12: Sam Wilson, Chlorophyll timeseries in the California Current System measured through wavelength-specific optical attenuation, (approximately 30 minutes)


Sam Billheimer, Near-cessation of Mode Water formation in the western North Atlantic in the warm winter of 2011-2012, observed using profiling floats (poster preview) abstract

Suggested reading:

Oct 19: Donata Giglio, Understanding the annual cycle in sea surface height, (seminar length presentation)

Suggested reading:

Oct 26: Mini-Symposium with scientists from the JAMSTEC R/V Hakuho-maru

Katsuya Toyama (post-doc, Tohoku University), "Annual subduction rate of the North Pacific and its interannual variation"

Mai Ishikawa, Kaori Hikobe, Haruka Nakano and Yu Shibata, "Summary of our cruise KH-12-5"

Xue Fan (grad student, SIO), "Observations of Irminger Sea Anticyclonic Eddies"

Andrew Delman (grad student, SIO), "Java and Sumatra upwelling: Its variability and relationship to the Indian Ocean Dipole Mode"

Nov 2: Caitlin Whalen, Small-Scale Turbulent Mixing from the Argo Floats' Perspective (seminar length presentation)

Suggested reading:

Nov 9: Uriel Zajaczkovski, Southern Ocean 4-D circulation: Combining altimeter and Argo float data (practice talk for International DIMES meeting)

Suggested reading:

Nov 16: Magdalena Carranza, Physical processes governing summer phytoplankton blooms in the Southern Ocean (seminar length presentation)

Suggested reading:

Nov 23: No meeting: Thanksgiving

Nov 30: AGU practice poster previews Bonnie Ludka, Magdalena Carranza, Caitlin Whalen, Pedro Llanillo, Donata Giglio (talk) and anyone else.  Abstracts

Dec 7: No meeting: Fall AGU

Dec 14: Potluck and open discussion on mentoring, work/life balance, career trajectories, etc.


Reading each week is chosen to complement the topic. Normally the reading can be downloaded from UCSD's electronic reserves or directly from the journal.

Enrolled students are expected to come prepared to participate in discussions and ask questions.

Sarah Gille (