SIO 219: Observational Oceanography Seminar

Fall Quarter 2001

Sarah Gille (email: sgille at  web:
Paul Robbins (email: probbins at     web:

The observational seminar meets on Friday from 12:15-1:15 during the academic quarters, in the reading room in Nierenberg Hall. The seminar is open to all. It is a forum for informal discussion of current literature on observational aspects of physical oceanography and for presentation of individual's work in progress. The subject matter for each quarter is determined by the participants, weighted towards the preferences of the enrolled students.

Reading each week is chosen to complement the topic. Normally the reading can be downloaded from UCSD's electronic reserves or directly from the journal. Readings that are not available electronically are placed in the NH reading room.

Enrolled students are requested to come prepared to ask questions based on the reading material.

The Fall 2001 discussions will emphasize reports on individual research with appropriate background papers.

Fall 2001 schedule:

September 21: organization

September 28: Sarah Gille, Climate Signals in the Southern Ocean from ALACE Floats

Levitus et al., Warming of the World Ocean, Science, 287, 2225-2229. Link to the article

October 5: Andrey Scherbina, Dense Water Formation on the Northwestern Shelf of the Okhotsk Sea

Gladyshev, S., S. Martin, S. Riser, and A. Figurkin, 2000: Dense water production on the northern Okhotsk shelves: comparison of ship-based spring-summer observations for 1996 and 1997 with satellite observations. J. Geophys. Res., 105, 26281-26299. Link to the article or UCSD electronic reserves

October 12: Yueng Lenn, Observations of oceanographic conditions in Port Foster, Deception Island

Vaughan, D.G. et al. 2001. Devil in the detail. Science, 293 (5536): 1777-1779. Link to the article

British Antarctic Survey Scientific Reports No. 78 "The Geology of the South Shetland Islands: V. Volcanic Evolution of Deception Island" by Baker, McReath, Harvey, Roobol, Davies (call no. SIO 1 BR34 78-82 on SIO Floor 2). Introductory material only. Link to the first few pages of text or UCSD electronic reserves

October 19: Joe Martin

C.P. Caulfield and R.R. Kerswell, 2001. Maximal mixing rate in turbulent stably stratified Couette flow, Physics of Fluids, 13, No. 4, 894-900. Link to the article

October 26: Josh Willis, More Bang for your TOPEX Buck: combining altimetric height with historical oceanography data

Gilson, J., Roemmich, D., and B. Cornuelle, 1998. Relationship of TOPEX/Poseidon altimetric height to steric height in the North Pacific. J. Geophys. Res., 103, 27,947-27,965. Link to the article or UCSD electronic reserves

November 2: David Drazen, On steep gravity waves meeting a vertical wall

Longuet-Higgins, M. S. and D. A. Drazen, On steep gravity waves meeting a vertical wall: A triple instability, submitted manuscript, 2001. Link to pdf file of text

November 9: cancelled

November 16: Ben Hodges, Simple Models of the Deep Chlorophyll Maximum

Varela, R. A., A. Cruzado, J. Tintore and E. Ladona; Modelling the deep-chlorophyll maximum: A coupled physical-biological approach Journal of Marine Research, 50, 441-463, 1992 Link to the article (once it becomes available) or UCSD electronic reserves

November 23: Thanksgiving break.  No class.

November 30: Stephan Grimes, The chicken or the egg? Physical and biological processes in the Santa Barbara Channel. Note: Jim Swift's talk has tentatively been postponed.

Shipe, R.F. and M.A. Brzezinski, 2001. A time series study of silica production and flux in an eastern boundary region: Santa Barbara Basin, California, Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 15, 517-531. Link to the article or UCSD electronic reserves

December 7: Final exams.  No class.