SIO 219: Observational Oceanography Seminar

Fall Quarter 2006: Mixing (over a range of scales)

Instructor: Sarah Gille
Location: OAR Conference Room (starting October 19); previously: NH 101 (October 13); NH 400 (weeks 1-3).
Time: Fridays, 12:00-1:00

Some notes from the organizational meeting.

SIO graduate office course evaluations to be completed between November 27 and December 3.





22 Sep
Organizational meeting

29 Sep
Sylvia Cole and Gabriela Chavez
Munk, W. and C. Wunsch, 1998 . Abyssal Recipes II: Energetics of Tidal and Wind Mixing, Deep Sea Res. I, 45, 1977-2010.
6 Oct
Eddy mixing I
Kyla Drushka and Marina Frants
primary reading: Khatiwala, S. and M. Visbeck, 2000. An estimate of the eddy-induced circulation in the Labrador Sea, Geophys. Res. Lett., 27, 2277-2280.

secondary reading: Visbeck, M., J. Marshall, T. Haine, and M. Spall, 1997. Specification of eddy transfer coefficients in coarse-resolution ocean circulation models, J. Phys. Oceanogr., 27, 381-402.
13 Oct
Eddy mixing II
David Mansbach and Liz Douglass
primary reading: Roemmich, D. and J. Gilson, 2001. Eddy transport of heat and thermocline waters in the North Pacific: A key to interannual/decadal climate variability?, J. Phys. Oceanogr., 31, 675-687.

secondary reading: Stammer, D., 1998. On eddy characteristics, eddy transports, and mean flow properties, J. Phys. Oceanogr., 28, 727-739.
Thursday, 19 Oct
Eddy mixing III
Jamie Holte and Hey-Jin Kim
Jayne, S. R. and J. Martozke, 2002. The oceanic eddy heat transport, J. Phys. Oceanogr., 32, 3328-3345.
Friday, 27 Oct
Tidal mixing and dissipation I
Robert Todd and Aurelien Ponte
primary reading: Rudnick, D. L. and coauthors, 2003. From tides to mixing along the Hawaiian Ridge, Science, 301, 355-357.

secondary reading: Egbert, G. D. and R. D. Ray, 2000. Significant dissipation of tidal energy in the deep ocean inferred from satellite altimeter data, Nature, 405, 775-778.
3 Nov
Tidal mixing and dissipation II (shallower seas) Marissa Yates and Hyodae Seo
primary reading: Rippeth, T.P., 2005. Mixing in seasonally stratified shelf seas: a shifting paradigm. Phil. Trans. R. Soc., 363, 2837-2854.

secondary reading: Rippeth, T.P., Palmer, M.R., Simpson, J.H., Fisher, N.R., and J. Sharples, 2005. Thermocline mixing in summer stratified continental shelf seas. Geophys. Res. Lett., 32 (L05602).
10 Nov
No Class: Veteran's Day

17 Nov
Tidal mixing and dissipation III (upper ocean processes)
Leonel Romero, Oliver Sun and Jessica Kleiss
primary reading: Moum, J.N. and W.D. Smyth, 2001. "Upper Ocean Mixing", Encyclopedia of Ocean Sciences, Academic Press.

secondary reading: Sullivan, P.P, J.C. McWilliams, and W.K. Melville, 2005. "Surface waves and oceanic mixing: Insights from numerical simulations with stochastic surface forcing". AHA Huliko'A Proceedings.
24 Nov
No class: Thanksgiving

1 Dec
Fall AGU: Practice Presentations
Marina Frants and Jamie Holte
Abstracts: Go to AGU fielded search. Search on abstract number. For Frants, "OS21C-1611". For Holte "OS41A-0575".
8 Dec
Exam Week
Fall AGU: Practice Presentations
Liz Douglass, Hey-Jin Kim, and Sarah Zedler
Abstracts: Go to AGU fielded search. Search on abstract number. For Douglass,"OS51D-1072". For Kim, "OS11A-1469". For Zedler, "OS41A-0559".

The observational seminar meets on Friday from 12:00-1:00 during the academic quarters, traditionally in Nierenberg Hall 400. The seminar is open to all. It is a forum for informal discussion of current literature on observational aspects of physical oceanography and for presentation of individuals' work in progress. The subject matter for each quarter is determined by the participants, weighted towards the preferences of the enrolled students.

Reading each week is chosen to complement the topic. Normally the reading can be downloaded from UCSD's electronic reserves or directly from the journal. Readings that are not available electronically are placed in the NH reading room.

Enrolled students are expected to come prepared to participate in discussions and ask questions based on the reading material.

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