SIO 219: Observational Oceanography Seminar

Spring Quarter 2004:  Air-Sea Interaction

Sarah Gille (email: sgille at  web:

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April 2: organization

April 9: Elena Brambilla.  EGS practice talk

Fratantoni D., "North Atlantic surface circulation during the 1990s observed with satellite-tracked drifters", JGR, 106, C10, 22,067-22,093, 2001.
April 16: Yueng Lenn.  Momentum Measurements
Cherniawsky, J. Y. and W. R. Crawford. "Comparison between weather buoy and Comprehensive Ocean-Atmosphere Data Set wind data for the west coast of Canada", JGR, 101, C8, 18377-89, 1996. 

April 23:  Sarah Zedler.  Bulk Formulae for Momentum Exchange
Fairall, C. W., E. F. Bradley, J. E. Hare, A. A. Grachev, and J. B. Edson, "Bulk Parameterization of Air-Sea Fluxes: Updates and Verification for the COARE Algorithm", J. Climate, 16, 4, 571-591, 2003. 

April 30:  Jessica Kleiss.  Air-Sea Fluxes and Statistics of Breaking Waves in Hurricane Isabel
Melville, W. K., and P. Matusov, "Distribution of breaking waves at the ocean surface", Nature, 417, 58 - 63, 2002 (02 May).

May 7: Shane Elipot.  Climatology of Momentum Fluxes.
Perrie, W. and L. Wang. "On the Overdetermination of Friction Velocity (u)",  J. Phys. Oceanogr., 25, 2177-2178, 1995.

May 14:  no class. Christmas in May.

May 21:  Liz Douglass.  Measurement of Air-Sea Heat Fluxes
Hasse, L. and S. Smith, 1997. "Local Sea Surface Wind, Wind Stress, and Sensible and Latent Heat Fluxes." J. Climate,  10(11): 2711-2724.

May 28:  Leonel Romero.  Wave Impacts on Momentum Transfer
Grachev, A.A., C.W. Fairall, J.E. Hare, J.B. Edson, and S.D. Miller, 2003.  "Wind stress vector over ocean waves." J. Phys. Oceanogr.,  33(11): 2408-2429.

June 4:  Hey-Jin Kim.  Examples of Heat-Flux
The ATOC Consortium, 1998. "Ocean Climate Change : Comparison of Acoustic Tomography, Satellite Altimetry, and Modeling", Science,  281(28): 1327-1332.

June 11: Hyodae Seo.  Santa Ana Winds and Air-Sea Interaction: Numerical Study
Hu and Liu, 2003. "Oceanic thermal and biological responses to Santa Ana winds", Geophys. Res. Lett.,  30(11): 1596.

The Straw Man plan  (What is a straw man?)

The observational seminar meets on Friday from 12:00-1:00 during the academic quarters, in Nierenberg Hall 400. The seminar is open to all. It is a forum for informal discussion of current literature on observational aspects of physical oceanography and for presentation of individual's work in progress. The subject matter for each quarter is determined by the participants, weighted towards the preferences of the enrolled students.

Reading each week is chosen to complement the topic. Normally the reading can be downloaded from UCSD's electronic reserves or directly from the journal. Readings that are not available electronically are placed in the NH reading room.

Enrolled students are expected to come prepared to participate in discussions and ask questions based on the reading material.