SIO 221B:  Analysis of Physical Oceanographic Data

Fall 2002

SIO 221B is next scheduled to be taught in Winter Quarter 2004, when it will be available to both first and second year students. (SIO 221A will be switched to Fall Quarter starting in Fall 2003.) Students planning to take SIO 221B in the future may want to look at the web site describing useful preparation for the course.

Sarah Gille

Lectures: Monday/Wednesday/Friday 10:00-10:50, Nierenberg Hall 101

SIO Office: Nierenberg Hall 348

Telephone: 822-4425 e-mail: sgille at

Course website:

Grading: 50% homework 20% midterm 30% final exam

Class Cancellation, October 21, 23. Rescheduled for October 29, November 5, 10 am.

Class Cancellation, November 18. Rescheduled for November 26, 10 am.

Midterm exam: Take home. Open book and open note. Due October 25.

Final exam: Take home. Open book and open note. Due December 13.

syllabus in pdf form

Course outline
Reference List


Pitfalls people encounter in Matlab

Part I. Principles of Ocean Instruments.

Friday, September 27.
Monday, September 30.

References for Topic I.

Part II. Randomness and statistics.

Wednesday, October 2.
Friday, October 4.
Monday, October 7.
Wednesday, October 9.
Friday, October 11.
Monday, October 14.

For additional information, see Bendat and Piersol, Ch. 3.
References for Topic II.

Part III. Decomposition of signals

Wednesday, October 16.
Friday, October 18.

For additional information, see Menke, Ch. 1; Wunsch, Ch. 1.

Part IV. Inverse problems, least-squares fitting, and matrices

Friday, October 25.
Monday, October 28.
Tuesday, October 29. (10 am, Nierenberg Hall 101)
Wednesday, October 30.
Friday, November 1.
Monday, November 4.
Tuesday, November 5. (10 am, IGPP Munk Building Seminar Room)
Wednesday, November 6.
Friday, November 8.
Wednesday, November 13.

For additional information on initial concepts, see Wunsch, Ch. 3; Menke, Ch. 3 (See
For additional information on later concepts, see Wunsch, Ch. 3 (See ) and 4; Menke, Ch. 4.

Part V. Efficiency of representations

Friday, November 15.
Wednesday, November 20.
Friday, November 22.

Part VI. Applying probability concepts to data

Monday, November 25.
Tuesday, November 26. (10 am, IGPP Munk Building Seminar Room)
Wednesday, November 27.

In addition to the course notes, see Daley for a detailed discussion.

Part VII. Statistical estimation

Monday, December 2.
Wednesday, December 4.
Friday, December 6.