SIO 221C Data Analysis Laboratory

Fall 2008

 Sarah Gille      
SIO Office: Nierenberg Hall 348    
Telephone: 822-4425
e-mail: sgille at

Meetings:  Tuesday and Thursday: 12:30-1:50, OAR 150 Conference Room

Course Requirements:  Complete 3 projects from list below (or new ones to be added; one project may be arranged with instructor to be tailored to research).  Each project is scheduled to take 3 weeks.  Students report on their progress at each class meeting and discuss problems and possible solutions with the group.  Written reports are submitted at the end of each project.  The course is taken S/U.  In 2008, as a warm up review of data analysis, you will read the draft chapter on data analysis from the revised edition of Descriptive Physical Oceanography and provide a written review.  (You may work together on the review.)

Course evaluations (Nov 24-Dec 7):

Review questions for Descriptive Physical Oceanography Ch. 7. (The chapter is copyrighted and is posted in UCSD electronic course reserves.)

Reference books
Selected papers
Software possibilities

Organization:  September 25

Project 1 (spectral methods):  September 30, October 7, October 9, October 14, October 16, October 21 (review of Descriptive Physical Oceanography Ch. 7, due. Oct. 7; written reports due October 21) No class October 2

Project 2 (EOFs or objective mapping):  October 23, October 28, October 30, November 4, November 6, November 13, (written reports due November 13) No class November 11: Veterans' Day

Project 3 (open choice):  November 18, November 20, November 25, December 2, December 4, December 9 (written reports due December 9) No class November 27: Thanksgiving




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