SIOC 221A Analysis of Physical Oceanographic Data

Fall 2019

 Sarah Gille      
SIO Office: Nierenberg Hall 348    
Telephone: 822-4425
e-mail: sgille at

Meetings:  Monday and Wednesday: 9:30-10:50, Spiess Hall 330
 Discussion: Friday: 9:30-10:20ish, Spiess Hall 330 (starting October 4)

Course Requirements:  Complete weekly problem sets. For most of the problem sets, you may work collaboratively, though the work that you submit must be your own. (Please follow the standards of scientific publication and identify your collaborators.) A midterm and final problem must be completed independently. (They will have about the same scope as the the other problem sets.)

The final problem set will be an independent project, which you will present during the final exam time slot (Wednesday 11 December, 8:00-11:00). A draft write up will be due during the final week of classes, and the final write up of your project will be due no later than 11 am on Wednesday 11 December.

To gain from this class, students are expected to come to class, participate in class discussions, ask questions. There will be some assigned reading (available in electronic form), and students are expected to complete the reading.

Course evaluations (Nov 22-Dec 9): You should have received a notification Affairs explaining how to evaluate this course. Please take the time to submit an evaluation, since it provides valuable feedback.


Reference books
Software possibilities
Software packages, applications, routines

Lecture notes and handouts:   (See TritonED for slides, since they may contain copyrighted material.)
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