STPA 35  Society and the Sea

Spring 2001

Prof. Sarah Gille
office hours on main campus:  466 EBUII  Tuesday 2:45-3:45; Thursday:  5:15 to 6:15  phone:  858-822-4915
office at Scripps:  348 Nierenberg Hall   phone:  858-822-4425


(June 20, 2001) Final exams are available from Bruno Tilley, administrative assistant in MAE. He's located in 573 EBU-II. Phone: 534-6029.

News Flash: (June 14, 2001) Red Tide along La Jolla Shores Comments from Peter Franks


syllabus.pdf updated April 6, 2001 for 7th edition of textbook. (Apologies for the confusion.)

perfect_storm.pdf A reading guide for The Perfect Storm


Unit 1: Ocean Currents, Coastal Processes, and San Diego

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Week 1:
April 3: Introduction to the course. Oceanographic history and marine geophysics. Reading: Summaries of Chs. 1-3. Resources
April 5: Coastal processes. Agua Hedionda Lagoon. Reading: Ch. 14. Resources
Week 2:
April 10: Coastal processes (cont.). Agua Hedionda Lagoon, part 2. Reading: Ch. 8
April 12: guest lecturer: Rachel Woodfield, Merkel & Associates, on Caulerpa Taxifolia in the Agua Hedionda Lagoon
Week 3:
April 17: Ocean Currents. San Diego sewage, part 1. Reading: Ch. 8 Resources handout
April 19: Waves. San Diego sewage, part 2. Reading: Ch. 9 Resources
Week 4:
April 24:  Tides, sewage, part 3, question session for quiz   Reading:  Ch. 10 Resources Reviewing for the first quiz
April 26:  quiz 1  (covering Chs. 8-10, 14; Agua Hedionda Lagoon; San Diego sewage; and an overview of Chs. 1-3;)

Unit 2: Life in the Sea: Fish and Humans

links to web resources for Red Tide case study

links to web resources for overfishing case study

Week 5:
May 1: Marine Ecosystems, Red Tide, part, 1. Reading: Ch. 11 Resources   Red Tide case study
May 3: Plankton. Fisheries, Overfishing, part 1. Reading: Ch. 12, The Perfect Storm Resources   Overfishing case study
Week 6:
May 8: Nekton, Overfishing, part 2. Reading: Ch. 12
May 10: guest lecturer: Prof. Peter Franks, on Red Tide

Week 7:

May 15: Benthos. Red Tide part 2. Reading: Ch. 13 Resources
May 17:  quiz 2 (Ch. 11-13, fisheries, Red Tide) Grades for quizzes 1 and 2

Unit 3: Global Warming and the Ocean

links to web resources for iron fertilization case study

links to web resources for Petition case study

Week 8:
May 22: Introduction to global warming, the carbon cycle, and sea water. Reading: Ch. 4 Resources
May 24: Atmosphere. Iron Fertilization, part 1. Reading: Ch. 6 Resources
Week 9:
May 29: Iron Fertilization, part 2. Atmosphere.
May 31: Ocean and climate, global warming, part 1., Reading: Ch. 7 Resources
Week 10:
June 5: Ocean and climate, Kyoto Protocol, global warming part 2.
June 7: CAPE, final presentations, summary, review Reading: Ch. 15 Resources
final exam:  cumulative  (Chs. 4, 6-15, The Perfect Storm, and case studies, with emphasis on Ch. 4, 6, 7, and 15) Friday June 15. 3-6 pm, Center Hall 203 Essay Questions from final exam
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