I study small-scale dynamical processes in the ocean, primarily internal waves and turbulence.  My main interests lie in integrating ocean observations, process studies and numerical simulations to understand turbulent mixing in the ocean.  Much of my work revolves around the dynamics of internal gravity waves, the breaking of which produce most of the turbulence in the ocean inertior.   Recently I have been involved both with numerical process studies of nonlinear interactions between internal waves and with ocean-going observations of internal-wave generation and breaking.  Simultaneously, I am working with collaborators to use numerical and observational results to develop analytical parameterizations of turbulent diffusivity for  use in large-scale numerical models.  As an example of the later, I'm leading a  Climate Process Team (look here) developing new parameterizations of internal-wave driven mixing for use in global climate models.

For more detailed descriptions of ongoing projects, check out the Research page.  Most of my work has been funded by the National Science Foundation or the Office of Naval Research.