Select presentations                                                                                                                                                               

Oceanic Internal Waves: global patterns and open questions,  Les Houches conference on internal waves, Feb 2011 [jen_leshouches.pdf]

Mixing for the masses,  techniques of measuring mixing in the ocean, SIO, May 2009  [jen_sio_may09]

Deep flow and mixing in the SW Indian Ocean,
SIO PORD seminar, Sept 2008 [sio_0908.pdf]

Patchy Mixing Matters,
Yale Ocean and Climate Forum, April 2008 [mackinnon_pmm.pdf]

Mixing the transition layer - Langmuir cells and internal waves,
October 2007 [Keynote version (with movie)]  [pdf version (no movie)]

Walter Munk’s Birthday symposium,
October 2007 [keynote version]

Breaking oceanic internal waves: statistical and dynamical views, 
Aha Hulikoa Meeting, Jan 2007. [aha07.pdf]

Internal Waves and Mixing in the Coastal Ocean,
Gordon Research Conference on Coastal Circulation, June 2005. [GRC_pdf.pdf]

Pseudo-spectral models of internal-wave interaction,
SCOR Mixing Meeting, Victoria, 2004. [scor04_final.pdf]