I am an observational physical oceanographer working mainly on questions related to air-sea interaction. I am particularly excited about: upper ocean salinity variability, especially on small spatial scales; tropical mixed-layer dynamics; exploiting and combining data from satellites, moorings, Argo floats, drifters, etc. in order to extract new and interesting signals.

Current/recent Projects:

Characterizing small-scale salinity variability from historical thermosalinograph data.

Observing seasonal and interannual variability of Agulhas Leakage from satellite and Argo observations.

Diurnal salinity variations in the tropics from mooring observations.

Quantifying variations in Indian Ocean barrier-layer thickness related to the Madden-Julian Oscillation. With Sarah Gille and Janet Sprintall.

Understanding the impacts of westerly wind bursts in the equatorial Pacific Ocean on intraseasonal variations in the extent of the western Pacific warm pool. (METRO project).

Publications: here.