William R. Young

Scripps Institution of Oceanography

email: wryoung@ucsd.edu

Scripps Institution of Oceanography
9500 Gilman Drive #0213
La Jolla, CA 92093-0213

Address for parcel deliveries:
Keck Center, Room 353
8851 Shellback Way
La Jolla, CA92037

Telephone: (858) 534-1380
Fax: (858) 534-8045

Map of Scripps Institution of Oceanography.

My office is in the Keck Center Building 8841/8851 on the SIO map linked above. I'm on the third and top floor, in room 353. There is a UCSD shuttle stop in parking lot P014, and also a few public parking spaces.

Vita, publication list and .pdf reprints



Teaching and class notes

Applied Mathematics, SIO203C/MAE294C: Spring 2020

Spring 2014 Theory Seminar: Ocean surface processes and inference of subsurface flow.

Spring 2015 Theory Seminar: Langmuir circulation and wave-mean flow interaction.

Spring 2016 Theory Seminar: Form stress and geostrophic turbulence over topography.

Lectures on Stirring and Mixing from the 1999 Woods Hole Program in Geophysical Fluid Dynamics

My current research group:

Sean Haney
Navid Constantinou
Cesar Rocha

Links to scientific collaborators:

Neil Balmforth
Daniel Birch
George Carnevale
Paola Cessi
Thierry Dauxois
William K. Dewar
Raffaele Ferrari
Peter Franks
Chris Garrett
Basile Gallet
Glenn Ierley
Stefan Llewellyn Smith
Sean McNamara
Ruth Musgrave
Francesco Paparella
Naomi E. Pierce
Yves Pomeau
Francois Petrelis
Tony Roberts
Peter Rhines
Allan W. Snyder
Satoshi Sakai
Andrew Thompson
Wenbo Tang
James C. McWilliams
Walter Munk
Jeffrey B. Weiss
Yue-Kin Tsang
Jacques Vanneste
Gregory LeClaire Wagner
Kraig Winters

Geoff Vallis's collection of historical and classic papers on atmospheric and oceanic dynamics:

The GFD Program at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Summer Study Program in Geophysical Fluid Dynamics.

What's happening down the hill

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