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Office: Keck room 353 - this is at the extreme north-east corner of SIO. As far and high as possible from the Director's Office, while still remaining on the SIO campus

Meetings Friday 3:30pm, Keck Conference Room

Description The theme of the theory seminar this quarter is Langmuir circulation, mixing of the upper ocean, Craik-Leibovich theory and the interaction of surface gravity waves with deeper processes. There'll be a mixture of research seminars and student-led presentations of key papers. Students are encouraged to register for the class, and participation by interested post-docs and faculty is very welcome.

Course Requirements Students should register as S/U. Registered students will be expected to present at least one paper during the quarter. At the start of each class, registered students are asked to submit a one-page summary of, or comment on, the assigned paper. Your one-pager should include at least one question or comment designed to provoke group discuss of the paper.

The reading list below is under development. Participants are encouraged to suggest papers that they like to read and discuss.


Friday 10th April. Alisa Beaubien will lead the discussion on papers P1 (Langmuir, 1938) and S4 (Weller & Price, 1988) S4. The first seminar is here.

Friday 17th April. Bill Young will lead the discussion on papers P2 (Craik & Leibovich 1976) and R1 (Leibovich 1983) S4. The second seminar is here.

Friday 24th April. Yue Wu will lead the discussion on papers S3 (Longuet Higgins 1969) and S5 (Ursell & Deacon 1950) S4. The third seminar is here.

Friday 1st May. Sean Haney will lead the discussion of P4 (Craik 1977) and S14 (Faller and Caponi) The fourth seminar is here.

Friday 8th May. Catherine Jones will lead the discussion of P5 (McWilliams and Restrepo) and P3 (Huang 1979) The fifth seminar is here.

Friday 15th May. Nick Pizzo will lead the discussion of P10 (Garrett 1976) and S15 (Hasselmann 1971). The sixth seminar is here.

Friday 21st May. Greg Wagner will lead the discussion of P11 (McWilliams and Fox-Kemper 2013). The seventh seminar is here.

Friday 28th May. Jerry Smith will lead the discussion of P12 (Smith 1998).



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